Hot Sox

The Ask

A sock company whose designs celebrate individual style, Hot Sox asked us to connect the brand with its core customers in the place they most engage—social media.


The Answer

To build brand awareness, grow social media acquisition and drive traffic to the Hot Sox ecommerce site, we began by creating a series of seasonal campaigns that showcased the brand’s sense of humor and, of course, its fun, stylish socks. These included #HomeInHotSox, #JoyOfHotSox, #KeepYourSoxOn and #LoveAndSox. In addition to developing the campaign concepts, we executed the campaign shoots and supported the content with social media advertising, daily posting and user-generated/|influencer programming.

Once the tone was set, we got to work on brand partnerships. Among the highlights were collaborations with IT’SUGAR, BIG GAY ICE CREAM and BARNEYS. For the BARNEYS program, we partnered with the ART PRODUCTION FUND (APF) to create an exclusive collection of socks, designed by artists Derrick Adams, Deborah Kass, Barbara Kruger and Rob Pruitt, in support of APF’s mission to support public art. To promote the collection, we worked with BARNEYS and APF on an integrated marketing campaign designed to drive customer engagement, excitement and sales.  

Further, Soapbox conceived and created Hot Sox website content highlighting seasonal products. This included producing/directing studio shoots that generated website imagery aligned in spirit with the social media content.





#HomeInHotSox Campaign Posts

#HomeInHotSox Influencer Posts