Hot Sox

The Ask

A sock company whose designs celebrate individual style, Hot Sox asked us to connect the brand with its core customers in the place they most engage—social media.


The Answer

To build brand awareness, grow social media acquisition and drive traffic to the newly redesigned Hot Sox ecommerce site, we created the Fall 2016 #HomeInHotSox campaign. This included developing the campaign concept (a tongue-in-cheek riff on “Ferris Bueller’s Day Off”); executing the campaign shoot (images of Hot Sox-clad feet playing hooky); creating a #HomeInHotSox social media advertising campaign and daily content; and developing #HomeInHotSox user-generated and social media influencer content programming.

For Holiday 2016, we followed up #HomeInHotSox with the #JoyOfHotSox campaign. And for Spring 2017, we’ll be launching the #KeepYourSoxOn campaign.






#HomeInHotSox Campaign Posts

#HomeInHotSox Influencer Posts